Testing GitHub Pages Locally


Something has always bothered me about deploying something that I haven’t tested locally. A big manifestation of this is my blog. Since my blog is currently hosted on GitHub Pages, I needed Jekyll and all of its dependencies. Since those aren’t things I typically have installed, so I decided... Read more

Build/Deploy from the Beginning


When I start a project, I like to follow a few steps to speed things along later. The first is to get the basic project compiling successfully and the next step is to set up the automated build and deployment infrastructure (bonus points if the build/release can be put into... Read more

Random Azure DevOps Build Failures


A few days ago, I started seeing some odd failures in one of my Azure DevOps Pipeline YAML builds. The error was:

/azure-pipelines.yml (Line: 1, Col: 1): Unexpected value 'name' 

The beginning of the file looked like:

name: $(Build.BuildId) pool: Default trigger: - master...
                    Read more

Breaking Down The Dockerfile


Let’s talk Docker! Docker is a container platform that allows developers to control the environment to which their application is deployed. This is great for a few reasons, the first is there are no more issues of “it works on my machine” since the container image you are testing against... Read more

Writing Good User Stories


User Stories are chunks of desired behavior of a software system. - Martin Fowler (1)

The user story is a basic building block of most Agile-based systems. Over the years, I have noticed some patterns and anti-patterns that have emerged in the user stories that my teams... Read more

Docker for Developers


I found myself needing to switch from a Windows environment to a Linux environment. During that process, one thing became very apparent: This sucks!

I needed a solution that would allow me to switch environments seamlessly.

Enter Docker

Docker has been touted as the solution for many issues. Most of... Read more

EDMX Problems In .NET Core


Last year, I was at a client and I had to integrate an Entity Framework 4 library into a new shiny .NET Core application. The library had already been converted to .NET Standard, therefore I made the assumption that this would be the easy part of delivering this software.

I... Read more

String Concatenation Performance


How do I concatenate strings in C#?

This is a pretty common question amongst beginners. Building a string is a basic function for any programming language, but how that string is built can matter greatly to a program’s performance. The typical wisdom in C# for this question is... Read more